The factory, in addition to the production of liqueurs and spirits under our brand, also offers a service of development and production of liqueurs for third parties, where the customer will be followed at every stage, including legal requirements and business consultancy.

Private label

your idea made in our factory

Lottino Spirits also stands out in the field of private label , as it provides a complete service ranging from the development of recipes for liqueurs and spirits requested by the customer, to the development of packaging .

Starting from the the concept , in fact, customized solutions will be studied that will allow to develop the required recipe and, through a accurate and dedicated consultancy, it will be possible to treat every detail, from the selection of the best raw materials to the technical issues of labeling .


we pack your product

Contract Packaging , also known as Co-Packaging, aims to improve a product completion service, i.e. its packaging phase .

This can be something simple, but also complicated, being a process that is 100% tailor-made for the customer.
We can provide both the simple labeling of already packaged products and the filling of bulk products, packaging or other specific customer needs.


packaging for special events

Based on projects made by the client, we offer an ideal service to make the most special moments memorable .

Whether it’s a private celebration , a wedding or a corporate event , it is possible to offer a customized and unique memory.